Under the Spell of Artificial Lights

This is Chōka with 5-7-5-7-5-7-7  pattern in English, simply because I can’t speak and write Japanese. ^^
I wrote this one based on a beautiful picture from this week Monday Memories as my thank-you-post for Perfect Poet Award for Week 53 .
For week 54, I nominate sweetpea.


Image Source: creativewriting.ie


Under the Spell of Artificial Lights


Unsolved dilemma;

not being able to love,

either land or sea,

this boat pledged a solid vow:

to sail no more,

questioning would he be gone

when those lights go out.



10 thoughts on “Under the Spell of Artificial Lights

  1. Poor boat…your poem really deliver how poor to be that boat.

    Btw…ehm, I smiled reading that part when you said I can’t speak and read Japanese…hehe somehow I feel that part is aimed at me, maybe I am just too GR 😉

    • Hehehe, not you exactly, but at me: my smile when I read one of comments on your Creative Writing Entry. It just strikes me (Waa). I agree with you that japanese form of poetry is definitely beautiful in its original language. You are one step ahead in this, keep it up. ^^d (I’d love to make one too in the future). Btw, huruf hiragana yang gue kenal dan pasti kenal cuma silabel “no” hehehehe. Dudul deh. ^^

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