Gathering Memories

The picture of this week Monday Memories is intriguing. Oh, well. Hope you all like it. ^^
Update on Oct 8, 2011: After reading CBCondez comment, I just realized that instead of “chair” it should have been “bench”! It’s true, I still have many things to learn. ^^


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Gathering Memories


I let my friend leaving me in this park. I stop behind them. No one notices, obviously. All of them kept walking, talking, and cheering each other. I stare at their back, until all of them gone from my sight; hid by the fog on that turn.

Then, I sit on the red chair: wondering.

Wondering why no one of them appears from that fog; running and calling my name.


Yesterday, I walked my boy to this park. We both sat on a red chair. I held his hand very tight. Both of us looked at the cloudy sky. Until I found him looking into my eyes. His cheek flushed. It brought some red in his pale face.

“Mommy, I love you.”

My tears fell. The same tears that won’t stop when they bury my boy forever.


My girlfriend had this strange behavior. She only wants to go out when its cold and foggy. She said it would be cool if we spent our afternoon in this park,  sitting on this red chair, wearing our coats. She just loved how the rain fell when we’re together.

And now, she marries to a man from a tropical country and lives next to a sunny beach.

Oh, dear, what an ex.



13 thoughts on “Gathering Memories

  1. I like the first story better than the second. Sadness from losing family member is more toucing than loosing a lover, at least for me.

    I promise I will read your antologi tonight, been meaning to read it last night but I realy couldn’t read story in computer, has to b from mobile like now.

  2. An interesting take.
    First of all, I feel stupid for not getting it the first time. I mean, I understood that you combined three short stories in the same setting, but I had to read twice and three times to finally get what it’s all about. I even thought this was about a mystical park. Please forgive my silliness 😛
    Nevertheless, this is an enjoyable read. With a bit of grammar corrections here and there, it’ll be perfect 🙂

    PS: I love the first story the most. It’s the introverted side of me talking, I guess.

    • Ah, yes the grammar. Thank you for reminding me, Wulan. ^^
      About the segments, I did want to distinguish them with titles for each part, but failed to find the best words, so I left them be (haha, lazy me ^^). I’m going to add the subtitles if I have ideas later.

  3. Great story. I really can’t think of a better description of the picture. Mind if I link you? I really enjoy reading your stories.

  4. Thank you penman. Sorry for my late reply. Ah, yes, of course you can link my blog. But, first, I have to say sorry because I can’t update the blog regularly because of my work. Going to link and visit your blog to if I had spare time. Thanks again. 🙂

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