Autumn Calls

My entry for Monday Memories September 5th. I always like the scenery of autumn even though I only can see it through pictures or TV. Oh, before I forget, this picture is not mine, is the one who provides it. Thanks. ^^


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Autumn Calls


Autumn calls. Calling all
the colored leaves to fall.

Let’s bury our summer memories.
right under the tree.

Autumn calls. Calling all
the colored leaves to fall.

Let’s hide our summer memories.
right inside the barn.

Autumn calls. Calling all
the colored leaves to fall.

Let’s enjoy this cold sadness.
right inside your heart.

Autumn calls. Calling me
early in this morning.

Let’s meet the winter soon.

I hung up the phone.



26 thoughts on “Autumn Calls

  1. A lovely piece of writing!

    I think your repetitive structure is very effective!

    Just one small correction for you –

    change ‘hid’ to ‘hide’ and your poem is perfect!

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  3. This is really catchy! The “I hung up the phone” part kinda confused me a bit, but other than that, this is a wonderful poem! I especially like the repetitive sentences. Smart! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for noticing the “I hung up the phone” line. ^^ Actually, this poem is about …. (press CTRL+A to see it) refusing to let go. But, after I read it few times, this poem can also be interpreted romatically. Burying and hiding memories can be two things: keeping or discarding them. The “me” character in this poem refused to discard them, that’s why he “hung up the phone” as if the autumn did really call him; he refused to hear more, he refused to let “time” erasing the memories as the season goes bye. ^^

  4. Nicely done, well written. Within the imagery, I feel a bit of a nostalgic tone from it, of things long past, but not forgotten, lingering in the backs of our minds… And the last line came in somewhat abrubtly as if breaking the train of thought which was occuring.

    Keep it up. ^^

    • Waa— I just saw the lyric, and waa– it has the similar spirit.
      I haven’t heard the song yet. Is it a slow song or upbeat one? The one that I heard while writing this poem is “Kaede” (Maple Tree) by SPITZ that talks about goodbyes — maklum lagi keracunan ^^

    • nice interpretation! i’m happy to find that you also noticing the last line, and about the seasons changing itself. it seems like my poem can be seen from nearly the same but somehow totally different angle of view

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