To My Brother

This is a poem based on a Naruto’s character that resembles a true hero. He is forced to save his village by doing a mission that is bad… Really bad… It turned him to be a greatest traitor in everybody’s eyes. Ironically, one of his main powers as a ninja is manipulating people views and minds, using his Sharingan. Therefore, he succeeded in creating his own bad image. May the peace be with you, Uchiha Itachi. You’re a true hero from Konoha. This is my entry for this week Monday Poetry Potluck and also my acceptance poem for Celebrate Poets of Spring 2011 Award from Jingle Poetry. Thanks.:)

Itachi (left) and Sasuke (right). This picture cropped from Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto manga, for illustration only. No copyright infringement intended

To My Brother


Have you found it?
The love in me my brother
Behind your unstoppable revenge
Behind your anger

Can you feel it?
The burden I bear, my brother
Behind our family bloods and tears
That shed everywhere

Do you understand why?
The reason I spare you, my brother
To be a hero by your hands
Your own vengeance

I create this maze
I ignite your rage
I’m glad you’ll never realize
You’re still under my guide

I hope you’ll never find it
The love in me, my brother
While you’re trying to keep up my pace
Just to get me out of this place

‘Cause there won’t be a next time
To regret it
To mourn about it
Like it or not, my death will come

Be a hero
Kill me
Let your fear go
Kill me



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