Ah, This Seemingly Eternal Border is Killing Me

A friend of mine, Novroz, has introduced me to a site named Creative Writing Ink. There, you can join a weekly writing exercise. I decide to give it a try, though it is late. T.T. For this week, I want to post a poem based on elements that are showed in this picture. Are the flowers, emm, daisies? I browsed to Wikipedia and found a similar picture, and I think those are Daisies. Who knows? Correct me if I’m wrong, ok? 😉


Picture for Writing Prompt, 21st Feb 2011

Image Source: creativewriting.ie

Ah, This Seemingly Eternal Border is Killing Me


Do we need this fence to separate us?
Do we?
Why can’t you just jump and meet me?

Do I need to wait, gaze at the mountain?
Or walk along this seemingly eternal border?
I think I’ll find an opening.
You can’t just stay at the other side forever.

Ah, sitting next to this fence
…playing around with grass and daisies.
I don’t need that privilege.
I want to hold you, but then get hurt by this wires.

Just let me get through your wall.
Geeez, man!
Be responsible on what you’ve done.
You’re the one who made me fall.



6 thoughts on “Ah, This Seemingly Eternal Border is Killing Me

  1. Lovely poem. Although I have a bit problem with the ‘geez man’ part but it does emphasize the poem.

    Btw, another blog? since when? Haha the blogging addiction is spreading.

    Ps. I should tell you that the mr.linky in Olive’s blog doesn’t work properly. Just contact her if it confuses you 😉

    • I’ll be honest with you, I don’t know what I should write for that line… hohoho… (yah, ketahuan deh :p)
      Yup, new blog, just to host my writings. The other reason is, I’ve made two background image, and I can’t pick which one to use. Hehehe. So I use them both, each for one blog. ;p

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