Another Grace, Another Omega

This is an award acceptance post. Ehm, The Perfect Poet Award for “Describing the Distance”? I’m speechless. ^^
This acceptance post will be dedicated to Jingle, Annie, and all Thursday Poets Rally Participants. As for my acceptance poem, I decide to share my old poem, taken from my account. This was originally made as a tribute to a gorgeous theme song of Jin Roh: Grace~Omega~. The song itself sung by a special made language. This is my fan-version of the song; a free translation from the movie and the song as a whole. And for week 31, my nomination goes to LovelyAnnie, simply because her poem for this week rally.


A scene from Jin-Roh movie. Presented here for illustration only. No copyright infringement intended.

Another Grace, Another Omega


Say that you’ll never lose
Say it while you’re breathing
Lit a light in darkness
Though it’s hard to keep

Stay there, don’t ever lose
Stay, even when you’re bleeding
Live a life with greatness
Though it’s hard to reach

It’s all in our dream
We’ve longed to be free
It may just an illusion
But we’ll still go and dare to move

Say that we’ll never lose
Say it when you’re leaving
Sing that song of sadness
Though it’s hard to be



18 thoughts on “Another Grace, Another Omega

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