This is my entry for Thursday-Poets-Rally-Week-29-sept-23-29. Hope you like it.


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You say that your princess is exceptional.

You say your good days to her.
You say your good nights to her.
You save all your feelings for her.

I am no princess.
And that alone leads to an easy conclusion.



37 thoughts on “Silogisme

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  2. Hey, it is not what you are to everyone, it is what you are to someone, to the special someone…So, noone is perfect, but with all the love that one sees you makes you perfect for him/her…

    • Ehehe, thanks for your opinion. I’m glad how this theme of being pessimist reach you. ;p
      Thanks for your encouraging words!
      Nice to know you, Speluska (on my way to your rally entry ^^).

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  4. your poem reminds me of a song in the play ‘Wicked’ entitled I’m not that girl. like a key to its lock, maybe it wasn’t your door to be opened. 🙂
    happy weekend!

  5. I agree with all of the above comments. Replace princess with my brother and it’d be about me. ; ; But I loved it, keep writing!

  6. Is the conclusion all that easy, or
    is it cool and light and breezy?
    Oh, Princess dear, why can’t you see
    the Prince in me behind the tear?

    I’m crying to find the perfect balance
    ‘tween east and west where lies our palace.
    For all it takes is just one kiss
    to turn this tree to holy bliss.

    You know where to find me 😉
    Yours truly, Uncle Tree

    • Haha, you read my mind.
      Just because loving a person, someone may wish to be perfect even though we all know that ‘such perfect princess’ won’t exist, but…
      Well, that’s how love goes. 🙂

  7. Thx for your blog visit & comment! Really your poem grows on me & more& more – looking forward to reading more of your work! 🙂

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